Dhriiti (NGO) recruits Young Entrepreneurs in Guwahati/ North East Apr 2018

Name of the Organisation:

Dhriiti – The Courage Within

Post:: Short Term Consultancy to deliver Communication and Business Pitch training for young entrepreneurs in North East India.
Job Category: NGO Job
Job Location: Guwahati
Job Description: About us: Dhriiti is a non-profit organization working towards inspiring entrepreneurship, incubating impactful entrepreneurs and transforming communities for the past 12 years. Dhriiti was founded by three management graduates to tackle the problem of unemployment and underemployment and offer entrepreneurship as a respectable career/livelihood option. Since inception, Dhriiti has reached out to more than 10,000 youth directly and has partnered with more than 50 organizations to create impact. Dhriiti has been supported by the government, private foundations, corporate bodies and individuals. Background: Dhriiti is looking to contract a consultant to design and deliver training on communications and business pitching to young entrepreneurs of North Eastern India. The training will involve a one-day workshop May 2018. This consultancy falls under YOU Start NE! project of Dhriiti, which is supporting 100 young entrepreneurs from North Eastern India to gain the confidence, capability, and access to capital they need to build profitable and sustainable businesses. The participants in this project are entrepreneurs who are managing their business and seeking to accelerate their business by enhancing their enterprise management skills. This project is using a four-phased approach: • Enterprise acceleration workshop and coaching: A 3-day training course on enterprise development was delivered to 52 young entrepreneurs across North East India. In addition, entrepreneurs are undergoing 1 month one-to-one, coaching to develop their enterprise plans. • Business pitch and communication workshop: The entrepreneurs will participate in a communication training and pitching workshop. The objective, is to train the entrepreneurs in communication strategies and help them to pitch their business plans efficiently. • Business competition (Round 1): All 52 entrepreneurs will participate in a business plan competition. Following this, 10 finalists will be selected to receive mentoring support to accelerate their business. • Business Mentoring support: 10 entrepreneurs will receive the mentoring support, which includes one-on-one mentoring, advanced business training, as well as linkages to networks, markets and financial services. • Business competition (Round 2): The 10 finalists will participate in the second and last round of the business competition. Three winners will be selected to receive cash and in-kind awards. Scope of the consultancy: The purpose of this consultancy is to deliver training on communication and business pitching to 36 young entrepreneurs. Specifically the consultant will: • Design and develop a one-day module on communication and business pitching. • Deliver one-day training to young entrepreneurs. The training will be conducted in Guwahati. • Document the process and outputs of the training. Deliverables: The following deliverables are expected during and at the end of the consultancy: • Initial kick off meeting to agree on the scope of the consultancy • Training design blueprint • Final training curriculum • One Day training workshop • Training report The due date for all deliverables will have to be decided with Dhriiti, prior to the consultancy agreement. Time Frame: The consultancy will commence in end of April and continue till end of May. Payment Terms: The payment terms will be finalized with the consultant prior to contracting. The consultant is expected to provide her/his own office space and working equipment. In addition, the consultant is expected to cover the cost of insurance, travel, communication and any expenses associated with the consultancy within the available budget. Instruction for submission: All submissions must be sent to vacancies@dhriiti.com by 6:00 PM on April 22nd, 2018. Please use ‘Business pitch training YOU Start NE! as the subject title of your email application. Prospective consultants are expected to submit technical and financial proposals in English including the following: • Profile of consultant/firm, clear demonstration of previous experience in delivering communications and business pitch training to entrepreneurs • Understanding of the Terms of Reference • Approach and methodology • Work plan • Proposed budget in INR and inclusive of GST • Appendices to the proposal must include: • CV of the consultant • Three references from similar projects undertaken by the consultant, including email contacts and phone numbers. Questions and clarifications regarding the Terms of Reference should be sent to vacancies@dhriiti.com.

Please send your Resumes to:: vacancies@dhriiti.com

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